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Cleaning and cleaning services from Smart Moving is a comprehensive package of professional cleaning services for office and residential purposes. Our specialists deliver cleanliness and order of the highest possible standards.

We can provide you with move out or move in cleaning for small offices and/or large personal houses.

Cleaning is done after all furniture and other interior elements are removed from a room. If you are moving out from a house, an apartment, an office or an industrial building, cleaning is probably not at the top of your to-do list. However, end of tenancy cleaning is a mandatory requirement set out in most renting agreements. It may also be that the operating conditions of the premises have led to excessive wear and contamination of the surfaces of floors, walls, ceiling, windows and doorways. In any event, when cleaning is required, it needs to be done properly.

Our experts start cleansing only after the room is completely cleared of interior items. After moving, careless and at first sight inconspicuous defects in the ceiling, walls and floors may occur. If no significant dirt is observed, the surface is cleaned to remove dust with a brush and vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the surface is examined for the severity of the contamination followed by a complex set of works using steam engines and special cleaning agents.

  • We offer:
    · cleaning of all surfaces (including ceilings and walls);· dusting off surfaces;· removal of dirt from kitchen counters, tiles and plumbing work;· washing windows, bathrooms, cooking surfaces to shine;· polishing of doors, openings and window sills;· dirt removal;

    · disinfection in sanitary rooms;

    · carpet cleaning and furniture upholstery (upon request);

    · washing lamps and windows;

    · сleaning of textiles and furniture (upon request)


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