Cleaning Services

About Our Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are designed to complement your moving experience, offering a hassle-free solution to ensure both your old and new spaces are spotlessly clean. Tailored to meet the needs of movers, our services range from deep cleaning of your departure residence to preparing your new home for move-in day, all performed with the highest standards of cleanliness and care.

What’s Included?

  • Cleaning of all surfaces (including ceilings and walls);
  • Dusting surfaces;
  • Removal of dirt from kitchen counters, tiles, and plumbing work;
  • Washing of windows, bathrooms, and cooking areas to a shine;
  • Polishing doors, openings, and window sills;
  • Removal of dirt;
  • Disinfection in sanitary areas;
  • Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning on order;
  • Washing of light fixtures and windows;
  • Cleaning of textiles and furniture on order.

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